Pedro Meira Monteiro

Delicate Art II

Delicate Art: Transparency and Opacity

Princeton University, November 12, 2011, with Pedro Meira Monteiro, Denilson Lopes, Rachel Price, Ronaldo Lemos, João Almino, Diamela Eltit, and Silviano Santiago.

Video 1: Pedro Meira Monteiro

Video 2: Denilson Lopes

Video 3: Ronaldo Lemos

Video 4: João Almino

Video 5: Rachel Price

Video 6: Diamela Eltit

Video 7: Silviano Santiago

Moderators: Alejandra Josiowicz and Carl Fischer.

Co-sponsored by Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, Council of the Humanities, and Program in Latin American Studies at Princeton University.


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Pedro Meira Monteiro